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Jan 22, 2008:
Beta with ZLD support available.

Welcome to ZyAgent

ZyAgent is an free agent software for your PC, that will notify you when UTM features is triggered on your Zywall. It is totally passive, all actions done in regards to traffic is done by the Zywall. All ZyAgent does it receive messages and notify the user. When a IDP or Anti virus related message is received, it will pop up with a balloon hint. The header will tell what service that has triggered the message and what action has been taken. "Intruder Detection - No Action", means IDP has triggered the message and packet was not touched. Next it shows the description supplied by the Zywall , by clicking this it will open a webpage with a detailed description of the signature that was triggered.

Zyagent is a hobby project and will be updated when I have time. Ideas and feedback is welcome.